Our coatings work to help save you from having to complete the full-scale replacement of your building's roof.

Our full-service commercial roofing company provides installation,repair and restoration solutions to Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, San Angelo, Amarillo, Lubbock, Austin, Houston, Lawton and Oklahoma businesses.

Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing contractors are professionally trained to service any type of commercial or residential roof.

When you see your rubber roof leaking or starting to fail, the obvious temptation is to apply a short-term fix such as patching or consider just starting over and replacing your entire roof.

What if there were a way to avoid those ineffective, short-run “solutions” and the huge headache of dealing with reroofing your building’s entire roof deck?

DIY Rubber Roof Repair

Five Star Roofing offers a cost-effective, long-lasting solution in its rubber roof repair options. Consisting of some masterfully developed acrylic rubber roof coating systems, our restoration solutions will offer you completely revamped energy efficiency, decades of trouble-free, leakproof protection, and a seamless, high-grade protection-performance roof finish.

Best of all, with all that you’ll save in reduced utility costs and the eliminated costs associated with the other two options, you’ll receive this restoration at a fraction of the costs of the two other “tired” options that have proven time and again to be expensive, headache-inducing, and out of sight.

Applicable to Any Commercial Roof Type

Recoup Your Costs with Tremendous Savings
Consider the facts of how much you can save with a rubber roof coating system. You can easily tens of thousands of dollars in energy cost savings and the eliminated costs you’ll save by not opting for reroofing or a temporary fix to your rubber roofing:

  • 30% savings in building cooling costs
  • Savings in eliminated costs for cooling equipment maintenance
  • Savings in eliminated costs for roof tear-off for reproofing
  • No material disposal costs for reproofing
  • No new material costs for reproofing
  • No labor input costs for reproofing
  • Possible tax cuts and rebates with our coating system’s ENERGY Star certification
  • No huge cumulative costs of applying multiple short-term fixes (e.g., patching)
  • Reduced roofing lifecycle maintenance costs

Undeniable Other Benefits

In addition to the savings listed above, you’ll see other benefits immediately after our restoration system has been applied:

  • A tight, seamless layer of protection
  • No more leaks
  • Decades added to existing roof’s life
  • Up to 18-year non-prorated warranty
  • Unconditional 100% non-prorated warranty coverage of project labor and material costs
  • Strong fire resistance
  • Quality protection against weather conditions and outdoor elements
  • Little annual maintenance or upkeep needed
  • Strong quality assurance against future wear-and-tear