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Looking for a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative for reinforcing your existing EPDM rubber roof as opposed to a complete reroofing project? Ultimate Choice Commercail Roofing rubber roof coating options provide the protection and support for your EPDM rubber roof you seek without forcing you to break the bank.

Our rubber roof coatings reflect up to 80-85% of the sun’s energy and UV rays for huge savings in cooling costs while EPDM rubber roofing’s dark-colored surface reflects less than 10% of the sun’s energy and UV rays.

This synthetic rubber’s dark colors instead tend to absorb most of the sun’s rays, leading later to accelerated decomposition of the EPDM’s membrane and its becoming more susceptible to puncturing or other defect-inducing conditions.
The savings that our rubber roof coating systems save in our customers’ utility bills are so great that it’s not unusual for them to pay themselves off in just 5-7 years. In addition to its great energy savings generation, a Conklin rubber roof coating system provides a one-stop, comprehensive solution to all of the problems that arise with EPDM rubber roofing.

Benefits You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Conklin has been the most trusted name in top-performing acrylic roofing products for almost 40 years. They continue to be used in heavy force by contractors throughout the United States today.

With a rubber roof coating system from America’s no. 1 acrylic roofing product provider you’ll get:

  • Rapid, easy product application to existing roof
  • Less stress placed upon cooling equipment for cooling
  • Savings in cooling equipment maintenance and repair costs
  • More comfortable and cooler interior workspace inside a building
    Savings from eliminated costs for future short-term EPDM rubber roofing fixes such as patching
  • Strong resistance to chemicals
  • Reduced roof surface temperatures by 80°
  • Superior leakproof, seamless protection for decades
  • Up to 18-year-long non-prorated warranty covering materials and labor

Ultimate Solution to EPDM Rubber Roofing Problems

EPDM is a black synthetic rubber single-ply roofing product. It is usually applied and fastened to a roof deck with screws and plates, and some EPDM rubber roofs are covered with gravel or ballasted rock for a stronger roof surface. This roofing product is often selected for its convenient repair options and little roofs either required maintenance, flexibility and durability, and ability to fit into unusual roofing configurations with ease.However, over time EPDM rubber roofing can experience several different types of wear-and-tear that minimize its efficacy and building protection performance.

These issues that are such game-changers for this roofing include:

  • Traces of water gathering under the membranous body of the EPDM rubber roofing product itself
  • Poor product installation in key areas such as around pipes
  • Prolonged exposure to UV rays and the sun’s energy
  • Material shrinkage and puncturing

These outcomes either:

  • Lead to the rubber roofing losing its elasticity and shrinking, transitioning to a point where they are more likely to puncture and let leaks spring up inside the building.
  • Represent the second stage of defection when the actual act of material has become punctured or the compromise has occurred, letting leaks appear in the roofing.

With its seamless, leakproof final finish, a Conklin rubber roof coating system function as a layer of protection against these issues, instead reducing energy bill costs, extending the life of the existing EPDM rubber roof for decades with just one application, and reducing roof maintenance and upkeep costs throughout the roof’s entire product lifecycle.

You’ll also eliminate any need for expensive tear-off and replacement costs of defective EPDM rubber roofing thanks to the rubber roof coating’s masterfully engineered tight adhesive characteristics and excellent energy-conserving capabilities.