Our coatings work to help save you from having to complete the full-scale replacement of your building's roof.

Many business owners opt for metal roofs on account of their appearance, easy installation, affordability, overall longevity, and light weight. Over time, though, metal roofs become susceptible to a few problems that open the door for limiting its performance efficacy and compromised product integrity.

Top Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration System
With our repair services, you get more than just a longer-lasting metal roof. Among the many benefits our repair solutions offer include:

Non-prorated warranty covers 100% of labor and materials unconditionally
Premium protection from harshest weather conditions and outdoor elements
Decades of seamless, leakproof protection
Reduced roof temperature by up to 80°
Enhanced energy efficiency and lower utility costs year-round

Fast and Prompt Service

We guarantee our metal roof repair services to be undisruptive to your business operations. You don’t have to close your doors or expect any interruption in your day-to-day interactions with your employees or customers. We conduct our services with your business needs and demands fully in mind.

Before beginning any work on any project, we offer a completely free, no-obligation bid of your metal roof’s current condition and what your options are for its revitalization and enhancement. Once we’ve examined your roof and diagnosed its particular demands, we’ll provide you with an in-depth proposal with explicit details about project deadlines at every stage of project completion, upfront costs as well as what to expect, and how our metal roof repair services can enhance the lifecycle of your roof.

We can also give you in-depth details of how much savings you’ll generate in reduced energy costs with our Conklin metal roof restoration solutions.
Contact us today to learn how much you save in dollars and cents.

Lowered A/C costs by as much as 50%
ENERGY Star Certification for tax benefits and cuts

Four common problems associated with metal roofs are:

Extensive metal roof leaks— Among the most common problems with any metal roofing, these arise from collected water sitting on top of the roofing system or gaps and punctures in the roofing. Leaks can easily transition to even more costly repairs should they go unheeded, so it’s best to tackle them as soon as one notices they’ve appeared.

Sitting pools of water— Water can gather in puddles on top of metal roofing systems when the systems have no or poorly designed slope configurations. Over time the pooled water exerts pressure upon the metal roofing, which can easily result in leaky roof defects.

Blow-offs— These are often created by poor or improper metal roofing installation, such as poor metal flashing attachment to a roof’s corners and edges.

  • Punctures or tears— These defects can arise from a lot of foot traffic on metal roofing, poor roofing installation, or poor or improper metal roofing maintenance efforts.
  • As a premier commercial roofing company that provides a full range of services, we can cater to any magnitude of metal roof repair need, whether you require targeted area repair, application of one of our energy-conserving metal roof restoration solutions to your existing roof, or a complete replacement of your entire existing roof.We offer superior-grade Conklin metal roofing repair solutions for dealing with every metal roofing issue. Our metal roof products revitalize the life of an existing metal roof for years to come, function as an excellent inhibitor of rust, and offer superior waterproof protection for decades.