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Metal Roof Coatings

Looking for an affordable, easy way to reinforce your metal roof? Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing metal roof coatings are the ideal solution for those business owners who seek cost-efficient answers to their metal roofing needs but do not want to compromise on quality.

Our metal roof coatings inhibit rust, add decades of life to your metal roof, and greatly minimize your energy consumption costs.

What’s Involved?

Our metal roof coatings are part of our metal roof restoration systems, a roofing system consisting of a rust-inhibiting metal primer, an acrylic caulking compound for filling holes and cracks in key areas of a metal roof, fabric sealer product, and finally acrylic metal roof coatings.

What We Offer

We offer five metal roof coating options for different customer needs and budgeting parameters:
Rapid Roof HV
Rapid Roof III
Bench Mark
Puma XL

The application of a metal roof restoration system is simple and takes little time to complete. You won’t have to close your business doors, have your operations disrupted, or experience interruptions in your interactions with your customers and employees with the installation of this system.

Other Benefits of Metal Roof Coatings

Specifically, application of a Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing metal roof restoration system takes six steps:
Vigorously washing and cleaning off the existing metal roof surface with a powerful rust cleaning product for treating rust.
Priming the metal roof with a base coat of a powerful, rust-inhibiting primer agent.
Filling holes and cracks around key metal roofing areas, metal fasteners, flashings, and joints, with high-performance acrylic caulking product along with retightening of all roofing components such as screws.
Reinforcing existing metal roof’s seams with fabric sealer product and base coat product to cover the areas where leaks are most like to occur.
Applying your metal roof coating of choice on surface top for a seamless, membranous layer of protection.

You’ll notice the benefits our metal roof restoration solutions bring immediately.

What you get includes:

Seamless, leak-free protection for decades
Enhanced existing roof lifecycle
Reduced product lifecycle maintenance costs
Savings of up to 30% in A/C costs by reflecting up to 85% of sun’s energy
Tax savings and benefits from coating ENERGY Star Certification
Up to 20-year non-prorated warranty covering all labor and materials
Dependable protection against the harshest weather and outdoor conditions
Greatly enhanced energy efficiency
Savings in eliminated roof replacement costs such as tear-off and disposal costs
Superior resistance to dirt and discoloration
Reduction of roof temperature by as much as 80°
More comfortable and cooler interior building space
Savings in maintenance costs on air cooling equipment

Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing is committed to being the most effective and customer-focused roofing company

Our mission is to offer the best-quality roofing services available in our local markets, and to surpass our customers’ expectations in every way we can. We aim to cover every last one of our customers’ needs and worries with the most hassle-free, dependable roofing services we can give. In other words, from project start to finish our customers’ complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing, you get:

  • Industry Expertise & Reputation
  • Seasoned Roofing Professionals
  • Friendly, Professional Service
  • Fast and Efficient Project Completion
  • Top-grade Conklin Roofing Products
  • Free in-depth, no-obligation project estimate
  • Individualized attention to your roofing needs

Roofing Services:

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Coatings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Leak Detection
  • And More!

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