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Our Conklin cool roofing systems have an immediately noticeable effect the moment they are applied to your roof. Their highly reflective white surface reflects up to 85% of the sun’s hot UV rays, reducing the room temperature inside your building by up to 40% in the warmest weather.

These systems also cause dramatic drops in your cooling costs and keep your air conditioning equipment from performing as hard, giving you savings in equipment maintenance and repair costs as well. With our “green” Conklin roofing systems, you’ll notice the marked impact they have on your energy costs possibly as early as the next time your utility bills rolls around.

Unbeatable Benefits

With energy efficient roofing you’ll get:
Possible Tax Benefits with ENERGY Star Certification
Greater energy efficiency than ever before
Huge savings in reduced utility bill costs
More comfortable interior building spaces
Easy installation in little time
Optional 18-year non-prorated warranty covering labor & materials
Non-prorated warranty coverage for up to 20 years
Guaranteed protection against leaks for decades

Available for Any Existing Roof Type

We offer cool roof systems for pretty much any existing roof type:
Asphalt (rolled or shingled)
Built-up roofing (BUR)
EPDM (rubber)
Flat roofs
Hot tar and gravel
Low-slope roofs

The Green Choice in Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy efficient roofing systems are recognized by four independent organizations for their energy efficiency. With the roofing’s proven energy-conserving properties, it’s not uncommon for our customers to mention that their system paid for itself in under 10 years!
Furthermore, when an existing roof starts showing defects or forming leaks, it’s tempting to just replace the whole roof. The catch is that a complete roof replacement will require tearing off all of the existing roof materials, disposing of them, and then replacing it with new roofing that isn’t guaranteed to need even more repairs in just a few years. All of that leaves a huge environmental footprint.

With one of our cool roofing systems, though, you’ll avoid the time-consuming headache of a whole roof replacement and the strenuous tear-off, disposal, material, and labor input costs that come with it. You’ll be practicing good environmental stewardship while being easier on your pocketbook!

Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing is committed to being the most effective and customer-focused roofing company

Our mission is to offer the best-quality roofing services available in our local markets, and to surpass our customers’ expectations in every way we can. We aim to cover every last one of our customers’ needs and worries with the most hassle-free, dependable roofing services we can give. In other words, from project start to finish our customers’ complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Ultimate Choice Commercial Roofing, you get:

  • Industry Expertise & Reputation
  • Seasoned Roofing Professionals
  • Friendly, Professional Service
  • Fast and Efficient Project Completion
  • Top-grade Conklin Roofing Products
  • Free in-depth, no-obligation project estimate
  • Individualized attention to your roofing needs

Roofing Services:

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Coatings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Leak Detection
  • And More!

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